Thursday, 24 February 2011

A hat for my beautiful niece!

Last weekend, my parents were coming to see me, along with my sister and her daughter. I'd decided to make my niece, Evie, a fleecy hat from this tutorial by Rae so I bought some lovely fleece the weekend before and decided to start making the hat.

Making the hat was my first mistake. My second mistake was the fleece that I'd bought. I bought ordinary pink fleece for the inside (the hat's reversible) and a beautiful patterned fleece for the outside. Only it wasn't fleece. It was a shedding, fraying fabric that calls itself 'patterned fleece'.

So, after three attempts I gave up and made the hat out of some red and yellow fleece that I'd got from a charity shop (in the shape of a bed cover). It turned out okay but I'd much rather have had the lovely patterned fleece.

The moral of the story? Check that fleece really is fleece before you start chopping it up!

PS Any ideas of what I can make from some patterned fleece, where I can oversew the seams so it doesn't fray?? ;o)


  1. What a cutie, great hat :-) Dawn x

  2. oh she is adorable in that hat. You have some lovely makes.xx